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Choosing the Best Web Hosting For Your Website or Blog May Be Difficult in 2022 but here I am going to help you with these queries with my personal experience with these hosting providers.

Firstly, In Simple Words, Web hosting is the hosted computer where the website files are stored with the unique domain name; when the user sends the request the server Processes and then exposes the data to the user.

There are tons of Webhosting Providers today in 2022 we get confused about choosing the right hosting with the right web hosting provider because they all claim their web hosting services as the best or no.1 hosting provider in the world or the specific country. That sounds nice But, That’s a myth today in 2022 because there are too many scams and frauds on the internet. So we cannot decide which one is the best before exploring their services. Here I am gonna help you with my experience.

Top 5 Best Web Hosting Providers In Nepal

There are many web hosting providers in Nepal but here we are just mentioning the best ones on our personal experiences:

Nest Nepal

Nest Nepal is a No. 1 New Web Hosting Company that was founded in 2020 and is the most growing web hosting in Nepal because of its cheapest affordable web hosting plan and with all needed features available in it. They have budget-friendly web hosting packages on their website that mostly suits and targets blogger, students, and businesses.

Nest Nepal includes shared hosting, WordPress hosting, unlimited reseller hosting, dedicated hosting, and VPS hosting on their website. they mostly use Ioflood servers from Phoenix, United States datacenter, hetzner from germany and finland, Cantabo from germany. I am personally using some of their services too and they just work amazing according to the cost.

Benefits of Choosing Nest Nepal Webhosting

There are many benefits of using Nest Nepal and they are; nest Nepal has the cheapest and affordable shared web hosting packages that start as low as 1399 per year with unlimited domain adds-on features. no matter how cheap a web hosting package you have but they will provide you with 24hour support. the good thing is that what they claim they will provide without any resources limitations according to the packages they have. you can also change the server and data center at any time free of cost. they also include cheap domain packages. etc.

Mercantile Host

mercantile communication is also the oldest web hosting company in Nepal, most people know mercantile communication as the CCTLD Registrar (country code top-level domain) of Nepali Extensions. but also mercantile provides quality and affordable web hosting services in Nepal. mercantile web hosting services are mostly targeted at business users in Nepal but not the individual or bloggers user in Nepal.

They Offer many Free And Paid Features like web hosting, web designing, VPS hosting, email hosting, domain registration, etc.

Benefits of Choosing Mercantile Hosting

mercantile offers quality web hosting with affordable prices, their support system is 70% slower if compared to Himalayan Host and Nest Nepal host, apart from the support they have quality and reliable hosting packages for Nepali business because they have their own web hosting server that is located in Nepal. They offer other paid services like web designing, VPS hosting, Email Hosting, Free Domain Registration, and many more. my many friends had used their hosting features and they told me it’s good.

Himalayan Host

Himalayan Host is also the shared hosting provider in Nepal. The Himalayan host is also the old player of web hosting since 2007 in the Nepali Market which provides the fastest web hosting packages if compared to other hosting providers in Nepal at the same price.

Himalayan Host provides high-quality cloud-shared hosting, VPS, Reseller Hosting, Dedicated servers, etc. from the Giant player of cloud-like: Amazon AWS, Microsoft AZURE, Google Cloud, Digital Ocean, Alibaba Cloud, Linode, etc. With Multiple DataCenters with good uptime.

Himalayan Host Company is most known for their server response time and performance, as we know they are the old players so they know the best to maintain the webserver. they have simple to advance hosting packages but no matter what their cheapest and simple hosting package can defeat many other Nepalese hosting providers hosting packages. the good thing is that what they claim they will provide without any resources limitations according to the packages they have.

Benefits Of Choosing Himalayan Host Webhosting

There are tons of benefits of choosing a Himalayan host for your web hosting purposes and the benefits are: you can change to available Datacenter and server anytime you want free of cost, every hosting packages they provide are SSD hosted and Mostly Cloud Hosted, they have good support in their services and they can cope up with any kinds of errors in web hosting, the good thing is that they use higher quality servers like; Amazon AWS, Microsoft AZURE, GOOGLE CLOUD, Digital Ocean, Linode, etc. those have a higher reputation in the world and are secured, powerful and can provide better performance.

Gurkha Host

Gurkha web host also offers nice hosting in Nepal, it is also the famous web hosting of Nepal which provides good support and good hosting with many features. The most Gurkha host is famous for their Nepal-based hosting packages that offer Kathmandu cloud server that is located in Nepal and blazing fast for Nepalese people. they offer the cheapest shared web hosting packages of Kathmandu cloud just for Nepalese rupee 99 per month that is cheap and affordable for new bloggers and Students. they also offer economic Webhosting, unlimited web hosting, business web hosting, reseller and shared Webhosting, etc.

Benefits Of Choosing Gurkha Host

there are tons of benefits using gurkha host that are; they have nepal based server kathmandu cloud that can be good choice for nepali bloggers or students, they have good customer support, they have cheapest affordable to advanced hosting packages, you can upgrade to available datacenter and server anytime free of cost. etc.

WebHost Nepal

Webhost Nepal is also the most known webhosting of nepal that provides domain name registration servides and web hosting services. they are providing their services since 2011. web host nepal offer shared web hosting as cheap and affordable like; 1000 nepalese rupee per year, they offers services like web hosting, shoutcast hosting,multi domain hosting, reseller hosting, cloud hosting, linux cloud VPS, windows cloud VPS, Dedicated server, etc.

Webhost Nepal is also packed up with technical experts team which provides customer support, better user experience etc.

Benefits of Choosing WebHost Nepal

there are tons of benefits to choosing WebHost Nepal and that is you will get good customer support, good, cheapest and affordable web hosting in Nepal, you can change to the available datacenter and server anytime you want free of cost. you will get unlimited features according to the price.

Final CONCLUSION ON Choosing Best Web Hosting

In My Personal Experience, With These Webhosting providers, Nest Nepal is The No.1 Web Hosting Provider in Nepal because I have and I am personally using their services for the past few months now with no issues and everything is great and is upgraded in time and performs better and faster.

Second Choice, If you are a blogger, student, or beginner Nest Nepal is a good choice because they provide everything unlimited like; unlimited addons domain, unlimited disk space, unlimited bandwidth, etc. at cheap and affordable prices and also the faster server.

*This Data is Only Based On Our Personal Experience With These Web Hosting Providers.

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